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The keto diet is nothing short of a revolutionary way to approach weight loss. Developed more than a century ago by scientists and medical researchers it has only lately emerged from the nutritional sidelines to take the dieting world by storm. And deservedly so. We’re so enamored of the keto diet that we decided to start as a way of spreading the good news of keto. And to that end we offer a full line of the highest quality keto shirts you’ll find anywhere. But before we start singing the praises of our keto shirts and tank tops let’s take a moment and examine the ketogenic diet a bit closer.

Not Really New, Just Revolutionary

Folks tend to think of the keto diet as something new. And that’s understandable because it’s really only started to receive a substantial amount of press in the last few years. Celebrities in particular have been vocal in their embrace of the keto diet. And while that’s great for raising its profile it also tends to make the public in general think it’s just another fad that will soon pass. But the keto diet is anything but a fad.

The ketogenic diet came about after scientists were finally able to crack the ketogenic code. Ketones were discovered way back in the mid-19th century but nobody understood what they did. They were thought to be a waste product of the liver and were largely ignored for decades. In the early part of the 20th century however, researchers finally uncovered the link between low-carb intake, ketones and weight loss. And once they did they looked for ways people could benefit from this link.

The Blood Glucose Connection

Once the link between ketones and weight loss was established dieticians realized that a low carb diet would probably result in more stable blood glucose levels (since carbs are metabolized into sugar). At the time it was believed that out of control blood glucose was responsible for seizure activity in adolescents. So the keto diet was used to help treat these young people. Results were promising but by the mid-20th century effective anticonvulsant drugs had been developed and keto fell out of favor.

Until now.

Here in the early 21st century there has been an unprecedented increase in obesity and overweight people. At the time the keto diet was first developed the percentage of adults that were considered overweight was low. Less than 10%. Because of that the weight loss capabilities of the keto diet didn’t have any pressing relevance at the time. This is why it was able to basically disappear for decades.

Today however as many as 2/3 of all adults in the US are considered either overweight or obese. It’s a startling development due mainly to the rise of unhealthy fast foods and less active lifestyles. It has also sent millions of people scrambling, searching for a reliable way to lose weight and keep it off. One result of all that searching has been the rediscovery of the keto diet.

The Secret is Out and it’s No Secret at All

The keto diet doesn’t require you to order a year’s worth of ready-meals that come in the mail and taste like cardboard and sand. It wasn’t created by some celebrity doctor and it doesn’t reveal its secrets only if you subscribe to a newsletter. It’s the result of scientific discoveries and its secrets are no secret at all. Want to lose weight and keep it off with keto? Just restrict the amount of carbs you eat and replace them with healthy fats. That’s it. Imagine, a weight loss program that encourages you to eat bacon, avocados, cheese and chocolate. Now that’s something worthy of a T-shirt.

Celebrate With Keto Shirts

We don’t know about you but for us the keto diet is something special. So special we decided to start in order to help spread the word. Our keto shirts cover all the bases and promote the keto life with humor and style. “Body by Bacon”, “In Bacon we Trust”, “Bacon America Great Again”, “Keto Makes My Clothes Fall Off” and more are just some of the keto shirts we offer. Each is printed on a high-quality 100% cotton T-shirt or tank top and each is rushed to you without delay.

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Order Your Keto Shirts Today

The keto diet delivers on its promise to help you lose weight in a simple to understand way. And because of that it’s allowed millions of people around the world to regain control of their lives. In that same spirit we deliver on our promise to deliver high-quality keto shirts to you quickly and affordably. So what are you waiting for? Order now and start spreading the keto news.