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It wasn’t all that long ago that if you told someone you were going to lose weight by eating bacon they would have looked at you like you had two heads. In fact, if you told most people that today you’d still get plenty of raised eyebrows and disapproving frowns. But it’s true. You can lose weight by eating bacon and cheese and chocolate. And it doesn’t require you to take drugs or submit to mind control or turn your life savings over to a celebrity doctor. It’s called the keto diet and we’re here to spread the news with our first-class bacon T-shirts. But first, a bit of background.

How Did We Come to This?

The first thing a lot of people wonder when they hear about the keto diet is “Why are we just learning about this now?” But the fact is ketosis is nothing new. Scientists have known about ketones for more than 150 years. And they’ve known about the process of ketosis (where the body burns fat for fuel instead of carbs) for more than a century.

The thing is, when it was first discovered this knowledge was put to work helping adolescents with seizure disorders gain some kind of control over their life. At the time most people were not overweight and words like “fitness” and “weight loss” (never mind “bacon T-shirts”) weren’t really part of the popular vocabulary.

Lost to History

During the middle of the 20th century powerful new anticonvulsive drugs were developed. These new drugs meant that the keto diet was no longer in demand as an anti-seizure treatment. As a result, it was largely lost to history. Fast forward 50 years or so and mankind finds itself in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Fast food and sedentary lifestyles have combined to create a situation where 1/3 of all adults are now obese. And another 1/3 are overweight.

The Real Deal

Today, most overweight individuals want to find a way to return to their lighter, healthier selves. But celebrity and fad diets have turned out to be little more than all promise and no substance. In the search for a better way the keto diet was rediscovered some years back and has since grown steadily in popularity. More and more people around the world now recognize it for the real deal that it is.

Gimmick Free Sustainable Weight Loss

The keto diet uses the body’s natural backup system to burn through fat and generate steady, sustainable weight loss. The secret to the keto diet is no secret at all. All you need to do is restrict your carb intake and ramp up your intake of healthy fats. Your body, denied its default fuel (carbohydrates), automatically starts to produce ketones (hence the name “keto diet”). These ketones then begin to metabolize fat cells into fuel. The results begin to show themselves after only a few days. And as long as you continue to deny your body carbs and provide it the healthy fat it needs to run, you’ll continue to lose weight and keep it off.

About Those Bacon T-Shirts

Once your body is in a state of ketosis it’s going to run out of fat stores (i.e. your gut, butt and more) in pretty short order. Therefore, you need to make it a point to consume enough healthy fats to stave off weakness and unhealthy levels of weight loss. And that is where bacon comes in. Bacon is a great source of the healthy fats you need to stay properly fueled on the keto diet.

Other sources of healthy fat include butter (yeah!), eggs, avocado, olive oil and certain meats (including bacon). These can be augmented with Swiss (and other high-quality) cheese, peanuts and - drum roll please - dark chocolate. And that’s just a partial list. The point is the sky is pretty much the limit with keto as long as you keep your carb intake under control. So bring on the bacon!

Keto Bacon T-Shirts from Keto Life Shirts

Who could have imagined a time would come when bacon would be considered health food? But here we are. We think this is a development that deserves memorializing on a T-shirt. But not just any T-shirt. At we use only the highest quality Ts and print them using leading edge digital printers and the highest quality inks available.

We also offer you a variety of ways to express your admiration for this most delicious and helpful of food products. There’s our classic “In Bacon We Trust” T-shirt with sizzling strips of your favorite food subbing for the stripes on Old Glory. Our timely “Bacon America Great Again” Ts in a variety of colors. And our summertime favorite, the “Body by Bacon” tank top. If you’re feeling a cosmic connection to your favorite food you can also opt for our “Bacon is My Spirit Animal” T. It’s the Zen of bacon.

Our Commitment

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