Avocado Shirts

Besides selling keto avocado shirts we at ketolifeshirts.com are also huge proponents of the keto lifestyle. We’ve seen its effectiveness and hear every day from people whose lives have been changed, and in many cases saved, by keto. Keto has provided them with a safe, effective way to lose unwanted weight and keep it off. But the benefits of keto extend beyond just losing those love handles. The keto diet is also well known for its ability to help stabilize blood glucose levels, ward off Type II diabetes and prevent heart disease. But again, that’s not all.

Clear Away the Fog with the Ketogenic Diet

When people adopt the keto diet one of the first things they notice is that they not only feel better, they think better. That’s right. Once their blood glucose levels return to normal most people report it feels like a fog has been lifted from their brain. Some of that also has to do with the ability of the keto diet to enhance the metabolism. A faster metabolism means better blood circulation which delivers more beneficial nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body, including the brain. It’s a wonderful thing.

The Origins of Keto

The keto diet didn’t start off as a weight loss program. It first attracted attention a century ago for its ability to stabilize blood glucose levels. Doctors believed there was a connection between blood glucose and seizures in young people. And they were proven right, to a point. Over time, however, anticonvulsive drugs were developed to control seizures more effectively and the keto diet fell off the medical radar.

Out of the Shadows

Keto then spent a full half century as a kind of dietary curiosity known only to a few nutritionists and diabetes specialists. But at the turn of the 21st century something happened that brought the keto diet back out of the shadows. The rise of junk food and increasingly sedentary lifestyles created an explosion in overweight and obese people. Whereas a century earlier less than 10% of adults had weight management issues, by the early 21st century that number had increased to 65% of adults.

And while we at Keto Life Shirts like to make light of the keto diet lifestyle with avocado shirts and funny keto shirts, obesity is no joke. Many overweight people got that way because, unlike their parents and grandparents, they spend all their time sitting at their desk working on a computer. Then, when they go to lunch, they’re usually faced with bad and worse food choices.

For many people the keto diet provides the first concrete, easy to understand way to both enjoy food and finally do something about their weight. And we believe that’s something worth celebrating and commemorating with a T-shirt. Or two. Or three. Or maybe a whole website full of Keto Life T-shirts.

Why Avocado Shirts?

We’re glad you asked. The avocado has a long history of bad press. Just about any time anyone has asked medical advice about how to lose weight their doctor would give them a list of foods to avoid. Sure enough, the avocado was always front and center. We’re not blaming doctors because, after all, the avocado is loaded with fat (which is probably why it’s so delicious). And if you want to lose weight you should avoid eating fat. Right? Well, not so fast.

You see one thing the keto diet has taught us is that, as long as you restrict your carb intake, fat is good. At least good fat is good. And avocados are loaded with beneficial unsaturated fat. So clear room in the fridge and start accumulating avocado recipes because the big green fruit is back in favor. And we’ve got the T-shirts to proclaim the good news.

Why Buy From Keto Life Shirts

We started ketolifeshirts.com to give fans of the keto diet a way to shout their love of keto from the mountaintop, or at least the T-shirt. After all, people use T-shirts to proclaim their love of sports teams, rock bands, cats and dogs, antique cars, historic places, artwork, mom and dad and just about everything else. Why not keto?

When you purchase you’re “Avocado Spirit Animal” T-shirts from Keto Life Shirts you can be sure:

  • You’re getting a quality product - We print your love of avocado on 100% cotton Ts and tank tops. No discount shirts will do for us. We want you to be as proud of the shirt as you are of the message. We also use leading edge printing technology and the highest quality inks. And our quality control is second to none.
  • Your purchase is completely safe and secure - We understand that purchasing things online can often be a stressful process so we don’t mess around with security. Purchasing your avocado shirts through ketolifeshirts.com is guaranteed safe and secure.
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  • We ship FREE - Where other companies punish you with exorbitant shipping fees, we provide FREE shipping on all orders over $50. Just one more way we make it easy to celebrate your love of all things keto.
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Don’t wait. Order your tasty avocado shirts today from Keto Life Shirts and start spreading the good news of the keto diet near and far. We have keto-related shirts for everyone in the family so don’t delay. And remember, all orders ship within 24 hours and we offer FREE shipping on any order of more than $50.